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Boise State to release new name for Bronco Stadium

The university has found a buyer for the naming rights for the recently expanded stadium

Bronco Stadium, in Boise, Idaho gets new name.
Bronco Stadium, in Boise, Idaho gets new name.
Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

A press conference will be held today at 10:30 AM in Boise where officials at Boise State University are expected to "make a major announcement regarding Bronco Stadium." The Mountain West Connection has learned that the announcement will reveal the new name of Bronco Stadium following the sale of naming rights to the 36,387 seat football stadium.

The naming rights contract will bring much-needed revenue to the athletic program, the sale of which was first proposed by former AD Gene Bleymaier seventeen years ago. The move by Boise State follows a long-term trend in college athletic departments that sell the naming rights to their sporting facilities on the open market in return for cash. In 2004, Boise State sold its naming rights to their basketball arena to Taco Bell for $4 million over 15 years.

While Bronco Stadium will get a new name, the blue-turfed playing field will remain the Lyle Smith Field.