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Early look at 2014-15 college basketball rankings, where does the Mountain West fit in

Where are the Mountain West basketball teams projected in very early 2014-15 preseason polls.

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The NCAA tournament is over and a national champion has been crowned, but now it is time to look ahead to some very early preseason rankings for the 2014-15 season. The two teams that are being mentioned in these lists are UNLV and San Diego State, but not New Mexico.

UNLV is bringing one of the nation's best recruiting class and should be in the mix to be ranked all year and challenge for the Mountain West title. The Rebels are losing Roscoe Smith who declared for the NBA Draft and also Bryce Dejean-Jones who is transferring. So, it may take a few months of the season before the trio of 2014 class step into their own to lead the Rebels.

San Diego State does lose Xavier Thames and Josh Davis, a big deal, but they look to reload with new talent to go along with returning role players to be one of the nation's top 25 teams next season.

Here are the various national pundits are saying about the Mountain West with this early rankings, but remember this is before the deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft.

• SB Nation

No. 22 San Diego State

• College Basketball Talk

No. 9 San Diego State, No. 24 UNLV

• The Sporting News

No. 20 San Diego State


No. 13 San Diego State

•The Dagger

No. 15 San Diego State

• Bleacher Report

San Diego State considered, but not ranked


No teams ranked, but San Diego State listed as 15 teams to watch

• Star-Ledger

San Diego State is getting consideration


San Diego State and UNLV received consideration

• USA Today

No. 15 San Diego State

• The Big Lead

No. 17 San Diego State