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2015 MWC Tournament will have 10-team bracket, new format

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With San Jose State's 2015 postseason ineligibility, the MWC Tournament will change to a 10-team bracket format

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With the news that San Jose States' mens basketball program received a failing Academic Progress Rate score and will be ineligible for 2015 postseason play, the 2015 Mountain West Conference Tournament will have a 10-team bracket format.

A Coloradoan story published earlier today first broke the news.

According to the Coloradoan article, Mountain West Spokesperson Javan Hedlund said that league directors would discuss how to format the 10-team bracket at the Mountain West joint council meetings on May 5-6 in Phoenix, Ariz.

The tournament's bracket format will revert to its original format when San Jose State regains its postseason eligibility in 2015-2016.

San Jose State's women's program did not receive a failing APR score, so the women's MWC Tournament will remain unchanged in 2015.