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Anonymous FBS athletic directors see college football playoff expanding

Current FBS athletic directors feel that the college football playoff will eventually expand.

Tom Pennington

The moment the college football playoff format was announced to include four teams, the next question was when will the playoff balloon to more than four teams. Early speculation was that the playoff would expand well before the 12-year deal that was agreed upon.

Well, now there is more tangible evidence that the playoff could expand sooner than later as conducted this poll and reached out to 35 athletic directors and 27 responded. From these FBS-level athletic directors had 15 of those predicting the expansion of the upcoming football playoff, 10 felt the playoff will stay at four teams through the first 12 years and two didn't have an opinion on the matter.

This should come as no surprise that these anonymous athletic directors want to open up the playoff more teams, because they like money. The SEC is likely set to get a pair of teams in the playoff nearly every year, and a change will be made when there are three to six one-loss teams vying for those final two or even three spots. That will likely push the movement to add more teams.

This poll also had comments provided as well and beyond money being a reason and access, but also pressure from fans and media who want to make sure the best teams are included when there are no clear-cut top-four teams.

One good point to counter an early movement to adding playoff teams is to just let the system play out and see how it goes for a few years before overreacting and making changes.

Then there are the school presidents who probably will not be in favor of adding more games to the schedule, but then again they probably will not turn down the potential hundreds of millions of dollars for a few more playoff games.

This is possibly the most laughable anonymous quote:

"At some point we need to stop hurtling into a professional sports model," one power-conference AD said.

As for how this affects the Mountain West, well more spots mean a better chance for an undefeated non-major school to get into the playoff if there are six, eight or more teams. Four teams is obviously better than two but it will likely take an eight-team playoff for a Mountain West team to have a decent shot of making it into the playoff.

The current deal with playoff goes through 2026 so if this thing plays out all the way we could be a very long way off from seeing a playoff model that is more than four teams.