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Blue Defeats Silver 12-10 in Nevada's Spring Game

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In the Wolf Pack's annual Spring Game the team composed of the first string offense and the second string defense narrowly defeated their counterparts.

Lance Iversen/USA TODAY Sports

A spring game in college football is the showcase for schools and their student-athletes to perform in front of fans for one of the few times in the offseason. It is the culmination of new schemes, new players, and new expectations. With that being said here are a few notes from the Silver and Blue Game.

1)   Hasaan Henderson is a name Mountain West coaches surely are already familiar with, but it's a name fans need to get familiar with. It was expected that the sophomore wide receiver would be getting more responsibility following the departure of Brandon Wimberly, but I don't think Nevada coaches expected it to happen to such a great degree so soon. Henderson stands at 6' 5" and can use his body to bully smaller cornerbacks around. This is evidenced by him leading all wide-outs today with 6 catches for 58 yards. He also threw a 30-yard completion on a double reverse.

2)   After playing last year out of his natural position, Bryan Lane Jr. is looking to make the successful move from safety to outside linebacker. If today is any indication he will be just fine. The 6' 4" 210 pound junior was all over the field today playing with the first team defense, recording a game leading 9 tackles. With the Wolf Pack defense going to a more blitz happy system this year, Lane's combination of quickness and size will bring a dynamic pass rusher to accompany the experienced defensive line.

3)   Nevada's weaknesses from last year do not seem quite fixed. Two of the biggest areas of concern are in the trenches. First can the defense stop opposing teams run game? There were bright spots for both the starters and backups, but running backs Don Jackson and Nate McLaurin at times seemed dominant. The other concern is on the offensive line were there is not much depth at all. With three projected starters on the line currently out with injuries, it is not quite time to panic, but there is reason for concern.

As coaches well know, and as fans should know, it is easy to read too much into what amounts as an offseason scrimmage. But that does not mean you shouldn't be extremely excited for the upcoming season. In fact the season opener for the Nevada Wolf Pack is only 126 days away.

Important Stats:

QB Cody Fajardo 11-18 for 112 yards

RB Don Jackson 10 carries 42 yards

DE Brock Hekking 3 Tackles, 1 sack, 1 PBU

S Duran Workman 5 tackles, 2 TFL