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The Mountain West Connection Guide To Surviving The OFFSEASON!

The offseason sucks: College baseball viewing is limited, spring football practice is over, basketball season is over and the Olympic Sports, while fun to compete, are not that fun to watch all the time.  Sure you could spend your time watching the World Cup, but that is only ONE MONTH OF THE THREE FULL MONTHS OF OFFSEASON.

Fortunately, we here at Mountain West Connection have learned how to combat the dull nature of the offseason.  These ideas alone should give you enough things to do with your family now before you can safely ignore them again come football season.


1. Build a model

If you are like me, when you were a kid, you loved Legos...specifically building things with Legos.  As you got older, Legos were still fun, but it was REALLY expensive to keep buying them.

Enter Minecraft.  With practically limitless "resources" and a creative mode where you could just build things, it's really easy to spend your time re-creating your favorite buildings:


Is it perfect? No. Is it finished? Not yet.  BUT I CHALLENGE YOU MINECRAFTERS TO BUILD YOUR OWN 1:1 SCALE STADIUMS!  Bonus Points if you can get your 50 yd-line logo and the MWC logo on the field correctly.

2. Arts and Crafts days

This is one that you can do with your family, buy yourself some blank ceramics and some ceramic paint.  Have a field day painting the things that are important to you or your family: Anniversary days, Holidays, a logo of some blog that your brother spends way too much time on...


This was given to me by one of my family members.  It may mean have a hidden meaning like "you spend too much time on this" or other, but I personally take it to mean "keep up the good work."  It now stores the beverage I consume while brainstorming and writing. THANKS FAMILY!

3. Go Outside and Travel

Unless you're completely limited by electronic resources, you probably spend hours upon hours on the computer for work and play.  Summer is approaching: use your computer wisely and make travel plans.  It could be across the nation, to the beach, flying to Dublin, Ireland and touring the Guinness Storehouse...


Man-purses included!

4. Rewatch Your Favorite Games

Whoever watches a repeat of 2008 Sun Bowl on their own accord, deserves to be banned from having fun ever again (DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!).  It's not hilariously bad (see 2008 Auburn-Miss St. game), it's just sad and depressing.

The point is, there are tons of things to do now that it is the offseason.  So what are you doing just sitting there?  Leave a comment about your favorite activity to do in the offseason, get out of here AND GO DO THAT THING!