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Derek Carr off to Tennessee for Private Workout with Titans

Two days after hosting the Cleveland Browns in the Central Valley, the former Bulldogs quarterback is off to Nashville.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The latest piece of news about Derek Carr's journey to the NFL Draft may be a bit of a surprise to some, as it has been reported by the Fresno Bee's David White that the Tennessee Titans will have the former Fresno State signal caller in for a workout.

The Titans have not been as openly connected to Carr as teams like Oakland and Cleveland in recent days, some mock drafts have projected the Titans to select a quarterback in the last two months even though it may not be their most pressing need. It seems unlikely, however, given that Jake Locker is still on the roster and that they went out of their way to sign Charlie Whitehurst (Charlie Whitehurst!) in free agency. New head coach Ken Whisenhunt doesn't have to be beholden to either guy, and with the 11th overall pick In May's draft it makes sense to consider all options. It may also be similar to the strategy the Patriots are thought to be utilizing by gauging Johnny Manziel's value for themselves.

Whatever the motive, be sure to visit Mountain West Connection for the latest developments on all of the conference's NFL hopefuls.