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2015 Boise State football recruiting: QB Brett Rypien drops out of ESPN 300

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ESPN came out with an updated top 300 and Boise State commit Brett Rypien was not on their list.

QB Brett Rypien
QB Brett Rypien
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The big news out of the recruiting world today was ESPN's release of their latest top-300 list for the class of 2015. This takes place because new players get ranked by the recruiting experts and that creates this new list since a lot of camps have recently taking place.

This new list dropped Boise State quarterback commit Brett Rypien from the prior top-300 list, yet he is still getting a four-star rating.

Does this really matter?

Yes and no. Rypien is still given a four-star rating by ESPN but losing that ESPN 300 rating does sting some since the prestige factor of being ranked that high is a big deal.

Across the multiple recruiting websites have Rypien still a top-10 passing quarterback so getting the boot from the ESPN 300 list likely has more to do with him committing to Boise State rather than his hometown Washington Huskies -- a Pac-12 team. There are 19 quarterbacks in the ESPN 300 and Rypien is likely the next signal caller in line.

247Sports updated their -- you guessed it -- top 247 on April 11 and they have Rypien at the 235 spot. Recruiting rankings have never been a worry for Boise State since they usually do not get that many four-star players, and even the amount of three-star players is not extremely high for how well they have played over the years.

Had Rypien dropped from a four-star to a three-star would be more concerning than dropping out of ESPN's 300 list. The main thing that Boise State fans should be concerned about in recruiting is that they trust their coaches talent evaluation, and in the past decade -- which included current head coach Bryan Harsin who was the offensive coordinator at the time -- have known their staff.

All things are calm in Boise State recruiting, also while these rankings are usually very accurate take them with a grain of salt.