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Mountain West Past Half Time in Baseball

It will be interesting to see if the best in the MWC can separate themselves from close rivals as the good teams play mostly those well below them in the standings. As usual, I just put out the rope to hang myself. We'll see how things play out.

Cameron White Strikes out 14 Jackrabbits in Friday start
Cameron White Strikes out 14 Jackrabbits in Friday start
Sarah Chambers

MWC Past Halfway Point in Season

UNLV, San Diego State, and New Mexico are neck and neck in the race for the regular season championship. Nevada and Fresno State still feel they have a chance and they do but they are going to have to do some serious winning soon. San Jose State and Air Force can only hope to play a spoilers role. There are two series that should pique some interest; Fresno State at New Mexico and San Diego State at Nevada. Air Force is taking a break from conference play and San Jose State could prove pesky for the Rebels but don't count on it. UNLV is just too strong. I used to predict winners but I don't do that anymore as I was always getting embarrassed. Now I have other ways to do that and baseball has nothing to do with it. I will say this; I think the teams that are fighting for the lead will make themselves heard this weekend.

Air Force (8-24) at South Dakota State (15-15)
The Jackrabbits have played a schedule that is composed of mostly other cold weather teams and they've done ok. Both their hitting and pitching has been a tad above decent but, as I said, they've played mostly cold weather teams. Air Force can't hit a lick but a pitcher shows up on occasion. That's what happened in game one as the Falcons prevailed 2-1 behind the sturdy arm of Cameron White (2-6). He went 8 1/3 innings striking out 14 and walking only one. He was the man today.

Fresno State (7-8) at New Mexico (8-4)
This series pits the best hitting in the MWC (New Mexico) against the second best pitching (Fresno State). I usually go with pitching but I think New Mexico matches up well against a team that I feel has not lived up to its talent.

San Diego State (10-5) at Nevada (8-7)
The Aztecs have both good pitching and hitting and have the best closer (Cederoth) and hitter (Ty France) in the Mountain West. Nevada is middle of the pack (snicker, snicker) and are right where they should be. I saw them last weekend and they have one good hitter in Austin Byler.

San Jose State (5-10) at UNLV (11-4)
The best pitching matching up against mediocre hitting and poor pitching against decent hitting. That resulted in the Rebels taking two of three from San Jose State the last time these two met in San Jose. Two of the games were worth watching and one was a trouncing that the Spartans won't soon forget. Will that make a difference in these three games? I doubt it and the Rebels continue rolling.