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MWC Gets Tuesday Sweep in Baseball

Teams in the Mountain West won all their games on Tuesday and narrowly missed on Wednesday as only one loss (against a good team) kept the the conference from a rare sweep of mid-week games.

Tyler Saleck helped the Falcons to two mid-week wins
Tyler Saleck helped the Falcons to two mid-week wins
Mike Kaplan

MWC Performs a College Baseball Rarity

That's right folks. Step right up. The Mountain West got itself a sweep of the mid-week games. Maybe I should be a salesman of some sort as I really mean just the Tuesday games. The Mountain West just missed on a complete sweep when UNLV dropped the second of a two game series with Arkansas, 9-2. From top to bottom all of the teams got a win. You don't think much about UNLV, San Diego State, or New Mexico winning as they are the best in the conference. When the lesser lights such as Air Force and San Jose State come away with wins, it's notable. Seldom does any conference perform an such a rare feat.

Here's a quick rundown. Fresno State beat Northridge 8-2 in a home game. In a game marred (sorry, just had to say that) by five home runs, New Mexico overcomes Stephen F. Austin's barrage of dingers to win 9-6. SFA had four homeruns and only four other hits as the Lobos came back in the late innings to put it away. The Lobos also won Wednesday 6-3 against SFA. The biggest wins that put a smile on my face was Air Force taking two games against New Mexico State (9-6) and Northern Colorado (13-5). With all the Falcons inability to hit as of late, the flood of runs was a welcome relief. Tyler Saleck led the hit parade with five hits including a home run in the two wins. Nevada played a single game at home with Santa Clara and won 9-4.

San Diego State took a good game 4-3 against UC Riverside and it's always nice to win a game against Big West competition. San Jose State has had its problems this year but won a nail-biter 4-3 against San Francisco. This one was particularly worrisome as the Dons had runners on first and third with none out in the bottom of the ninth but were unable to score. Whew! The most impressive win belongs to UNLV as they beat a good Arkansas team 10-7 on the road. Arkansas won the second game yesterday 9-2. The road win against stellar opposition does wonderful things for the old RPI. All in all, it's time for the MWC to gloat a bit. Gloat. I wonder what that word's origins are.