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Nevada's Cole Huff To Transfer

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Nevada basketball has announced that power forward Cole Huff will be transferring from the program.

Cole Huff was the bright spot in the future of the Nevada basketball program.
Cole Huff was the bright spot in the future of the Nevada basketball program.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Losing point guard Deonte Burton to graduation was going to hurt the Nevada Wolf Pack basketball program, and that lose is a big one. There was still hope though that the program could bounce back next year, but the Nevada faithful just received the news of a shocking transfer: Cole Huff.

The one shining light in the program was seemingly junior-to-be Cole Huff. Huff was without a doubt the future for the next two years for the Pack. As a freshman reserve, the 6-8 stretch forward averaged 4.3 points and 3.3 rebounds a game, but increased those numbers to 12.4 and 5.4 in a starting role his sophomore year. He was the team's best three-point and free throw shooter. After being named honorable mention all-Mountain West following this year, he seemed to be headed to a breakout year with the possibility of being a second team all conference player.

Now Wolf Pack fans can only sit and wonder, "What if?"

The starting lineup for the 2014-2015 season now looks to be Marqueze Coleman (point guard), Michael Perez (shooting guard), DJ Fenner (small forward), Ronnie Stevens Jr. (power forward), and AJ West (center). That's only two returning starters compared to the three had Huff stayed.

This transfer shows a much bigger issue with the basketball program than just getting wins next year. Huff will be the fifth transfer from the program in two years. The four transfers from last year (Kevin Panzer, Devonte Elliot, Jordan Finn, and Jordan Burris) most likely would not have had the talent, or developed the talent, to compete at the high level of basketball in the Mountain West compared to the WAC. Nonetheless, instability seems to be shaking the program and that falls on the head coach David Carter. After a surprising third place finish in the conference this year, along with a sweep of rival UNLV, Carter seemed to be off the hot seat a bit, but now it will be burning as hot as ever.

The reasons for the transfer are not yet known, but possible reasons include playing closer to home (southern California) or playing his more natural position of small forward. These reasons are all speculation at this point.

His transfer destination is not yet known.