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San Jose State's future quarterback is likely to be Joe Gray

San Jose State is still looking for a starting quarterback to replace David Fales, and that could be Joe Gray.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The San Jose State Spartans are looking for a replacement to NFL-bound quarterback David Fales. The Spartans wrapped up spring camp last week and head coach Ron Caragher may have found their man in Joe Gray. Caragher did not officially named Gray the starter, but based on his spring results it seems that it is Gray's job to lose.

While Gray did not throw a touchdown pass in the spring game he did complete 17 of 20 passes for 192 yards and led scoring drives on five of his six possessions. The other competitor in the starting quarterback race is Blake Jurich but his spring game performance was not even close to what Gray did. Jurich completed only 4 of 9 passes for 34 yards and he managed only four first down on six possessions.

Each quarterback were given the same amount of possessions to succeed, and Gray clearly outperformed Jurich. Caragher touched on the quarterback play, and is not ruling out Jurich as the starter:

"Joe did a nice job leading the team, moving the ball and Blake just wasn't there," Caragher said. "It just wasn't there today like we've seen. He's had a pretty good spring and today it wasn't there. He's a competitor. He'll bounce back."

Gray felt he did a good job in the spring game, but also mentioned there is more to work on:

"Today I felt like we executed well for the most part," Gray said. "There's always some hiccups here and there so there's a couple things we need to clean up. I'm probably going to watch the film tonight as soon as they post it up to see where we did well and where we faulted. But I felt like we did great."

All signs seem to point to Gray being the starter but no decision will be made until spring camp. Based off of what Gray did during spring camp he seems to be the quarterback. He is capable of making pretty much any throw from short, deep and timing offenses. Barring some drastic change in fall camp, Gray is the guy.