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Nevada WR Tucker Melcher's Health Improving

After a few days on a ventilator a Nevada walk on receiver has thankfully been improving and was taken off the ventilator Friday.

Lance Iversen/USA TODAY Sports

Football is a dangerous game on the field. And players knowingly take those risks to play the sport they love. But when a serious off the field sickness arose with Nevada Wolf Pack redshirt-freshman wide receiver Tucker Melcher, football was the last thing on anyone's mind.

Earlier this week, Melcher was taken to the hospital after becoming ill during spring break suffering from a fever and two seizures. After an MRI showed swelling in his brain, Melcher was placed on a ventilator. Melcher also suffered from paralysis on his left side.

On Friday though there was good news. Melcher's sister tweeted that the walk-on receiver was off the ventilator and had movement back on his left side. Coach Brian Polian has also tweeted numerous times, keeping Nevada fans updated on the receiver's condition.

Here's to hoping for a full recovery and successful football career for Melcher.