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Hawaii football extends deal with Oceanic PPV through 2019

Oceanic PPV will keep broadcasting Hawaii football through 2019.


Hawaii has a truly unique broadcasting arrangement compared to the rest of college football. Oceanic Time Warner pay-per-view has aired Hawaii football games for years -- plus other athletic events -- and the two sides have agreed to stay as broadcast partners through 2020, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Hawaii is not part of the main Mountain West football television package and instead gets television revenue through this deal with Oceanic Time Warner. The deal is pretty sizable for the Warriors as they earn $2.3 million this year escalating to $2,539,386in the final year of the contract as long as seven Hawaii football games are broadcast with Time Warner Oceanic.

While the money is a good amount for Hawaii, but the fans are not happy that this pay-per-view model is still going on. It makes sense because the cost to order the games are expensive. Last year, if one lives in Oahu the cost was $45, but in the neighboring islands the cost jumps to $75 per game. That is a steep price for one to pay for a football team that won just a single game in 2013.

This deal was struck on Friday Feb. 28 and that was the final day of Time Warner Oceanic's four-month exclusive period to come to terms, and had that date past other networks would have had the right to make an offer to broadcast Hawaii football, plus other sports.