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Dave Rice is not going anywhere as UNLV is working on an extension

South Florida had heavy interest in stealing Dave Rice away from UNLV, but the Rebel alum is not going anywhere.

Ethan Miller

South Florida reportedly offered UNLV head coach Dave Rice the same position, with a hefty pay raise, on Friday. There were plenty of mixed reports about saying there was no offer, and others saying there was. Now it is all for naught as UNLV is working on an extension that will keep Rice in Las Vegas for the foreseeable future.

Per the Las Vegas Sun, Rice reportedly met with Athletic Director Tina Kunzer-Murphy and interim President Don Snyder on Friday evening -- after returning from meeting with South Florida -- to discuss terms of an extension and a pay raise.

Snyder is proposing a two-year extension to Rice's current contract, which would keep him in Las Vegas through 2018-19 season:

"The extension that we are proposing will provide a great opportunity for our program going forward. We are proud of the high standard of success that the Runnin' Rebels have shown under Coach Rice not only on the court, but also in the classroom and with graduating student-athletes. While there were some disappointments this past season, I am excited about the future of the program under Dave's leadership."

Rice currently makes $700,000 per year at UNLV and South Florida was going to pay him just over $1 million per year, so look for UNLV to try to get Rice a bump in pay in the neighborhood of seven figures. This is good news for UNLV as five-star recruit Dwayne Morgan was going to ask for a release if Rice was not the UNLV head coach.