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The MWC Has Fresno State at San Diego State as Premier Series

Three of the MWC teams are playing non-conference games but four are playing conference games with the Bulldogs at the Aztecs being the best. San Jose State could make some MWC noise if they can take a few from the Pac 12's Washington State and the same goes for UNLV at Nebraska.

Alex Real is a big reason the Lobos will challenge for title
Alex Real is a big reason the Lobos will challenge for title
David Benyak

Another Baseball Week Challenged by Rain

Yeah, I know I'm late but the dog ate my post. Actually I was watching San Jose State play Washington State as it was being streamed Friday night. The Spartans took the first game of that series and that's a surprise in its own right. There were tied 4-4 when the rains came Friday. More below. New Mexico takes on a struggling (that's the nice word) Air Force. Fresno State goes south to San Diego to take on the Aztecs in the premier series of the weekend. An interesting series is the WAC's Grand Canyon at Nevada. I think the Wolf Pack has to be careful as the Antelopes have had a pretty good year in a move up to D1 ball. I'm impressed. UNLV is out Lincoln way to take on a pretty good Big 10 team in Nebraska (I almost said Big 12 so I apologize - a little).

New Mexico (7-3) at Air Force (1-9)
The Lobos move on into Colorado Springs to play the Falcons in three. They have played one already and the Lobos prevailed 13-8. I'm a bit surprised that the Falcons scored 8 runs as they haven't been able to put up much of an offense lately. And, as I also have said before, their pitching hasn't been carrying its part of the load either. Yes, a bad year. A 14 losses in a row kind of bad year.

Fresno State (5-5) at San Diego State (6-4)
Two teams that might trade positions in the MWC standings face off in the best of the MWC games. Off course, the Aztecs can hit even though they got cooled off a bit last week against UNLV's great pitching. I think they'll get back on track in the the rest of their schedule. Now just a minute, they won the first game but by only 2-1. I'll go into details later but a pitching duel was not really expected by me. I figure more hitting in the next two also. Fresno has to get it into gear soon as they have the talent to be better than they've been showing.

Grand Canyon (12-11) at Nevada (12-12)
This is an interesting match. Two .500 teams with one a brand new D1 program but had success at a lower level. Many think that new D1 teams are sunk at this level. I disagree unless they play nothing but Pac 12 or SEC type teams. They can compete with the mid-major and I think that the Antelopes can compete here. Nevada can use this two game set as a warmup to the San Jose State series next week.

San Jose State (8-18) at Washington State (9-13)
San Jose State Spartans fans are going to send me hate mail for this but I figured that the Cougars from the Palouse would sweep the four games. The Spartans have been so inconsistent; poor pitching with good hitting or vice versa. I didn't that they'd match up well. They win the first game with Johnny Melero (1-3) getting his first win in two years. A tip of the old weather-beaten Humboldt State cap to the ol' pitch. Rain may not allow any of the other games to be played but they have one in the win column.

UNLV (18-7) at Nebraska (14-11)
The Rebels take game one 5-2 in cool, but not frigid, Lincoln to continue playing well with very good pitching. Erick Fedde (5-1) got the win and could get into double digit wins if he keeps it up. The ‘Huskers could amp it up only to the tune of 5 hits and the Rebels cruised. The pitching has not faltered so we'll see how this goes. They are definitely carrying the MWC flag well.