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Bracketology: Where will San Diego State, New Mexico be seeded

The Mountain West will be getting a pair of teams in the NCAA Tournament, but where New Mexico and San Diego State will be seeded is the final question.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Selection Sunday is here and that also means that March Madness, is really here. The Mountain West tournament was very exciting with the top two seeds advancing to the finals which say New Mexico upsetting San Diego State.

Those are the only two Mountain West teams will be in the upcoming NCAA Tournament, so all what is left is to figure out where they will be seeded. New Mexico's win over San Diego State likely takes them off of the dreaded eight/nine seed line and should push them to a likely seven seed. San Diego State losing probably will knock them down a seed or lower on the seed line, expect a four to six for the Aztecs.

So, instead of all of this wild guessing, let's look to the experts to see where the two Mountain West representatives will land this week. We turn to Bracket Matrix which takes a large group of bracket projections and places them in one easy spot.

San Diego State actually has an averaged bracket ranking of 3.93 and is the the second spot on the seed line for the teams who earned a four seed.

As for New Mexico, they are projected as a No. 6 seed with an average of a 6.10, and the third six seed

Not much should change in terms of seeding with the handful of conference tournament games on this Sunday afternoon.