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Heart of Media-ness Part Two

Chris' thrilling saga of behind-the-scenes of the Mountain West Tournament continues...

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

...The Oracles had given me a front-view seat of their sport.  What I watched, was exciting, breath-taking and somewhat disturbing all at the same time.  The first match featured Blue Aggies of OO-tah State and Rams of Colorado State.  Back and forth the game went, it seemed as though Colorado State would win.  However, the brash fans of OO-tah prayed to their basketball gods and sacrificed a Ram to appease them.  The black and white striped clerics were satisfied and granted the win.  I had only read about such uncultured things in ancient times, but here I saw it in person.

The clerics worked their magic once again, as two different tribes battled in the court: Bulldogs from Fres-No and Falcons from Air Force.  The Falcons had led by a large sum, but the warriors from Fres-No fought back and won the match in the last seconds.

I befriended one of the natives who told me this kind of magic happens a lot at the T&M.  He told me of a tale while pointing out the spot on the court, where one of the world's mightiest fighters was losing and in frustration brutally bit off his opponents ear.  He relayed to me many other stories during that first night, but this one stood out the most.

The final match occured between Broncos of Boy-see and Spartans of San Josè.  This final match was not even close as the Bronco warriors dominated their opponent.

Finally as I went back to the work-area, I walked over to watch the interviews of teams.  For being such a wild and unpredictable event, the natives were extremely cultured and polite in their interrogation of both the winning and losing teams.

I got into my car and drove back to my quarters.  Tomorrow was a new day and I yearned for those experiences to come soon...