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LSU QB Stephen Rivers now considering San Diego State

LSU quarterback Rivers could be heading close to his NFL starting quarterback brother Phillip Rivers to finish his college career.

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

San Diego State could be landing a high-profile quarterback transfer as LSU Tigers Stephen Rivers is considering heading to Southern California. Rivers is the younger brother of San Diego Chargers starting quarterback Phillip Rivers, so the pedigree is there. Having family in the area could easily make San Diego State a real possibility for his landing spot.

Rivers is already considering Hawaii as an option to finish out his two years of his college career. He was passed up on the depth chart by freshman Anthony Jennings. Rivers is a former three-star recruit and would be a big grab for San Diego State and if he does go to San Diego State he will be able to play right away since Rivers is scheduled to graduate in May.

Head coach Rocky Long is aware of Rivers intent to want to come to San Diego State:

"There's been some inquiries from people who know people who know people about whether we'd be interested (in Stephen Rivers)," Long said, adding that the Aztecs are not allowed to correspond directly with the quarterback until LSU notifies them of his release, and he contacts SDSU.

However, there is the caveat of the Aztecs not having a scholarship to offer, and Long said there are none available. Currently, San Diego State has five scholarship quarterbacks on the roster, and Rivers' camp has stated that the quarterback will only go to a place that can offer a scholarship.

Long will gladly take Rivers on as a walk-on with a chance to compete for the starting job, but a scholarship seems unlikely to be able to be offered.