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Boise State football recruiting 2014: Broncos coaches go crazy over first fax

Signing day can be very exciting for everyone involved, but this is the most excitement I have seen over a fax in a very long time.

Boise State QB Alex Ogle
Boise State QB Alex Ogle
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For schools out West signing day means an early start to watch the faxes role in. Well, the new Boise State coaching staff was ready and quite excited when they got their first fax early in the morning on signing day, maybe a bit too excited if you ask me.


Who was that first commit? Well, it was this guy:

Who knows if the excitement level continued all day with each of the 21 faxes that Boise State received on national letter of intent day. If they did then kudos to the staff for keeping the energy rolling through what was likely a stressful day.

No reason to not celebrate on signing day because it is the day where every school is declared a winner.