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Fresno State in Featured Series This Weekend

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The Bulldogs take on the #18 Texas A&M Aggies at home in the premier series for the MWC. Weather could influence many of the games to be played in California as much needed rain has been coming from out over the Pacific and could continue through the weekend. Hopefully, the games will be played. A resurgent Air Force takes on a strong UNLV in Vegas and San Jose State takes on Nevada in conference games. The season is well underway.

Chris Mariscal is having a good season
Chris Mariscal is having a good season
Fresno State Athletics

MWC Enters Third Week

The teams in the conference are starting to separate themselves into the haves and the have-nots. Let's see; Air Force seems improved but will be sorely tested at Vegas. Both have comparable records but don't be deceived. The Rebels are good and have played fairly close to tough opposition and on the road. Fresno State will get a lot more than it might be able to handle in an excellent Texas A&M team. This is the best series of the weekend. The Bulldogs have shown they are probably for real and a good showing in this series will remove the probably. San Jose State might be getting just what it needs; a team that is not doing so well. The Spartans have recently been getting beaten up and having their lunch money taken by stronger programs. Their pitching staff is not even out of diapers and coach is still trying to find some stoppers. The series is in Reno and may not even happen. It's still winter here in California and Nevada and storms are here (finally!) and may drop too much snow for buses to make the trip. Stay tuned to the weather channel to see what's up. New Mexico should have little trouble with Northern Colorado and it hurts me a bit to say that as I personally know one of the players for the Bears. Another good pairing is San Diego State at the Gaels. The Gaels are trying to improve their lot in life but are getting mixed reviews. They sometimes look good and sometimes not. That defines programs with growing pains. San Diego State is for real.

Air Force (3-3) at UNLV (4-3)
Air Force can't hit a lick but they are pitching well and that will always carry you in bad times. They are also on a small win streak as they took two of three from Navy and pitched their way to the wins. The best pitching, at least right now, belongs to the Rebels so expect some low-scoring games. Vegas might be a bit too strong across the board.

Texas A&M (7-1) at Fresno State (6-2)
Fresno is hitting and pitching at a pretty good clip and they'll need it if they are to get by the Aggies. This is the marquee series for the MWC so the stands should be full - - - if not raining. The Aggies are hitting just below .300 and that's not the story. The pitching is averaging well under 2 runs a game at 1.50. That's going to be tough to beat. They use four starters and the "bad" one is 1-0 and 2.31. You folks in the valley better fill Beiden. Never mind, you usually do.

San Jose State (2-7, 1-2) at Nevada (2-6, 0-3)
Two struggling programs square off in a series that may get snowed out. Both need wins badly and putting this off may just hurt both programs. These are league games and both are trailing at this early date in league standings. San Jose's pitching is leaking and the hitting isn't; hitting, that is. Nevada is having the same problems. These are two evenly matched teams.

Northern Colorado (2-6) at New Mexico (4-3)
The Bears are finding the move to the WAC a bit painful as they are struggling for wins and were fairly lucky to get two wins against a lower division team. The Lobos can hit but they can also be hit so the offenses should go off in this one. I actually think the Lobos pitching might handle the Bears but the games must be played.

San Diego State (6-2) at St. Mary's (4-4)
The Aztecs are hitting over .300 as a team and boast the top to hitters in the MWC in Tim Zier (.432) and Ty France (.414). I think the offense might overpower the Gaels as both hitting and pitching bely their .500 record. It's not that good but they have a few individuals who are performing well in both areas. That may be enough but I don't see it as the Aztecs are strong.