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Freshmen and Transfers That Are Delivering in Baseball

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Most freshmen and other newbies sit and wait until they are juniors and have learned a few things and just plain matured a bit. Some deliver right away. Here are some that I found and if I missed one that you know of, that's what comments are for and I apologize.

Brett Bautista is leading all freshmen in the MWC
Brett Bautista is leading all freshmen in the MWC
Terrell Lloyd

Newbies in the MWC who are delivering as of 2/26

Here we are at about ten games into the year. That works out to about 20% or a little less. It's about time I visit with the stats for teams and see how many of the recruits are living up to the accolades. We all know that, for the most part, frosh don't play much if they have some experience in front of them. Most are just not ready. But every team should have at least one that is playing or pitching on a regular basis. I've said enough; let's see what's up.

Air Force

Griffin Jax, freshman
Griffin got pretty high marks from me when he was recruited. On a poor team such as the Falcons, some youngsters need to shine and he is. He is 1-1 and 2.57 as a pitcher and is hitting .267 which is second best on a very weak offense. His strength is as a pitcher. Still, second on the team at .267. That's pretty weak.

Tyler Jones, freshman
Tyler is the leading hitter at .333. Good thing for the freshmen that are doing the heavy lifting.

Nathan Stanford, freshman
He is 1-0 and 1.50 in 6 IP. That's not many innings but he has 8 Ks and only 1 BB. That's pretty impressive. Knows where the plate is.

Fresno State

Ryan Dobson, freshman
He's hitting .313 in only 16 ABs and I don't know if that's as a pinch hitter or an occasional start. Pretty good for a good team.

Jimmy Lambert, freshman
Jimmy is 0-1 and 3.48 in 10 IP. Anything under 4.00, folks, anything under 4.00.


No one jumps out.

New Mexico

Colton Thomson, junior transfer
He's starting on a team that needs some starting pitching. Coach is happy I'll bet. He's 0-1 and 3.38 in 10 IP in two starts.

San Diego State

As well as they're doing it's mostly the veterans that are delivering.

San Jose State

Brett Bautista, freshman
For a team that's struggling on all fronts he is hitting a robust .360 in 25 ABs. I've seen this kid and he's not bashful about swinging the bat and plays a pretty good left field also. I don't know if he'll deliver any power. Maybe he'll grow another six inches and gain about 30 pounds of muscle. Sorry, just being the home town guy. The kid's doing well.
No pitchers stand out as coach has thrown so many for a few innings to see what comes out.


Edgar Montes, transfer
this transfer is certainly delivering as he is hitting .333 in 24 ABs which adds up to being a starter.