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San Francisco guard Cody Doolin transferring to UNLV for 2014-2015 season

It was confirmed on Friday that point guard Cody Doolin will be transferring to UNLV for the upcoming season.


The Runnin' Rebels are continuing to add an impressive array of talent and have now addressed their most glaring weakness at point guard with Doolin set to join the program in 2014-2015. While he has started over 100 games in his collegiate career, Doolin left San Francisco after playing a mere four games this season. Averaging 13.0 points and 7.0 assists.

Nothing is guaranteed at this point as UNLV still has to file for a waiver with the NCAA, but the Runnin' Rebels appear to be optimistic that Doolin will be immediately eligible next season. Point guard has been an issue the Rebels have dealt with the past few seasons. While Anthony Marshall was a solid scorer and ball handler, he wasn't a great fit at point guard last season.

Deville Smith and DaQuan Cook have filled the position this year and as they are expected to return, they would have been the most likely options at point guard next season, however Smith is more of a scoring guard and often struggles to distribute the ball. Averaging 8.4 points and only 2.7 assists in 23.4 minutes per game and Cook has simply not been productive in limited minutes this season.

Cody Doolin is definitely an upgrade as he is essentially a pure point guard and has also proven to be a very efficient shooter during his time with San Francisco. The 6-foot-2 guard averaged 12.2 points and 5.6 assists as a junior and improved to 13.0 points, 7.0 assists and only 1.5 turnovers through the first four games of his senior season. It's safe to say that as long he's is eligible, Doolin will be starting for the Runnin' Rebels in 2014-2015.

UNLV will hopefully return a core that includes Roscoe Smith, Khem Birch and Bryce Dejean-Jones in addition to a top 10 recruiting class that includes Dwayne Morgan, Goodluck Okonoboh and more recently Rashad Vaughn. With this level of talent surrounding him, Doolin will simply be expected to manage the offense and put his teammates in position to score.

It's shaping up to be an interesting season for the Runnin' Rebels. All the pieces appear to be in place, but now it's a matter of execution. Expectations are rising.