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Hawaii Bowl 2014: Fresno State vs. Rice opening odds

A look at the odds in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl featuring the Fresno State Bulldogs and the Rice Owls

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

There's an age old adage in gambling that when the spread moves one way, bet the other. The reasoning is the odds makers are the odds makers because they are great at their job. Their job is to make sure there are the same amount of betters on both sides of the game, so when you see a game tilt one way it means the public believes the odds makers are off and the odds makers are rarely off.

Case in point, against Boise State, Fresno State opened up as a 17 point underdog. By kick off, Boise State was favored by 22. What does that tell you? The public was heavy on Boise and the fact that everyone continued to bet on Boise is why the spread ballooned from 17 to 22 in less than a week. How did it go for the eager public? Not so well. Fresno State only lost by 14, easily covering the opening line and final line at kickoff.

The line of the Fresno State's matchup with Rice in the Hawaii Bowl opened at the Bulldogs -1. It has since tilted to -1.5, which means the public likes Fresno State. Lets hope it levels off, because if it tilts too much in the wrong direction with such a tight spread could mean bad things for the Bulldogs.

All in all, Fresno State is 7-6 against the spread this season, while Rice is 8-4 against the spread. As far as the Over/Under goes the Bulldogs have gone "Over" 7-times and "Under" 6-times, while the Owls have gone "Over" 7-times and "Under" 5-times. The Over/Under for the Hawaii Bowl is 59. Should be a high scoring affair either way.