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What can San Jose State to improve its basketball team

San Jose State needs a lot of help to improve at basketball, so what can they do?

Gary A.Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In case anyone has been keeping up at home, the San Jose State Spartans need some help on the basketball court. The Spartans have won only three games. No not this year, since December 28 of last year. Three wins. And for this year just one. Well if we are going to dissect the disaster that is going on in San Jose, we need to start very simple. The Spartans do not score points.

They average, look away Spartan fans, 57.9 points a game. That ranks 324th in the Nation, heck they don't rank below 200 in any major offensive category. On Tuesday the Event Center will play host when San Jose State goes to battle against the Fire birds from Saint Katherine. Riding a 7 game losing streak, this game will be a tough one to find in a sports bar outside of the campus of San Jose State. If San Jose State loses this game, the season, and possibly the next few seasons for the Spartans is officially over. Here are my keys to turn this thing around, they need to find some sort of tempo. Scoring fifty eight points a game will not let you win who ever you are playing in any conference.

Secondly, you need to find recruits. You are placed in a beautiful area in California, that has to be appealing to some players, right? Yes, San Jose State Spartans, their is a Santa Claus, and your wish list better include a few wins. (Sorry Virginia)