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Regular Season Recap Polls

With only the bowl games remaining before us, it's a good time to look back and take inventory of the season with more insight and understanding.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the regular season is over, we can look back and examine the season with a bit more perspective. Things like Boise State's crushing defeat by Ole Miss don't seem so bad now, while San Diego State's near win over UNC doesn't seem nearly as impressive. Here is a list of quick questions for our readers to answer and debate about (I'd like to have done this with polls, but I'm only allowed one poll per article, and I didn't want to flood the site with one-question articles...):

1- Who had the most impressive out-of-conference victory?
a.     Nevada vs. Washington State, 24-13 on September 5th
b.     Colorado State @ Boston College, 24-21 on September 27th
c.     Utah State @ #18 BYU, 35-20 on October 3rd
d.     Another option (specify)

2- Which team's loss was the most disappointing?
a.     San Diego State @ #21 UNC, 27-31 on September 6th
b.     Nevada's four losses by one TD or less
c.     Boise State @ Air Force, 14-28 on September 27th
d.     Colorado State @ Boise State, 24-37 on September 6th
e.     Utah State's losses @ Arkansas State and Colorado State
f.      Another option (specify)

3- Which team was the most dramatically changed from last season?
a.     Fresno State
b.     UNLV
c.     Boise State
d.     Air Force
e.     Another option (specify)

4- What was the biggest surprise of the season?
a.     Air Force's turnaround
b.     Fresno State making the conf. championship game after a rough start to the season
c.     Utah State's performance while using four different quarterbacks and w/o Fackrell, et al
d.     Another option (specify)

5- How many bowl game wins will the MWC get this year, and who will get those wins?

6- What is the best bowl game matchup this year, and which is the most disappointing?

7- Do you expect any changes in the conference makeup over the off-season? Will anyone leave or join the MWC this year?

Thanks for participating in the discussion! I look forward to reading all your comments and ideas. Now it's time to get pumped up for bowl games!