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Matt Wells adresses coaching rumors

During a conference call sunday evening Coach Wells addressed the coaching rumors that have been swirling since the seasons end.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

While on a conference call to discuss the upcoming bowl game against UTEP Matt Wells took a few minutes to address the possibility of leaving for a new job:

I work for the best Athletic Director and President combo in Utah State history. These guys have been awesome to me, my staff and our families. I'm an alum and this is where I want to be.

While Wells didn't close the door completely he did make it clear how he felt about Utah State:

I'm going to listen and if it's better for me and my family, then the process may continue. I'm very, very happy at Utah State. It will take something very, very special for me to leave here if that ever comes to be. I've turned down jobs since I walked onto this campus in 2011. I'm very happy here.

Although the Oregon State and Tulsa openings might be considered good jobs (one more than the other) I don't believe either could be considered "very, very special". The full transcript  of the conference call can be read here.