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San Diego State kicker Donny Hageman does not like Fresno State

SDSU kicker Donny Hageman took to Twitter to talk trash about Fresno State's performance in the Mountain West title game.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountain West title game between Fresno State and Boise State has been a dud of a game with the Broncos dominating the game against the Bulldogs. Well, one particular Mountain West player took to Twitter to broadcast his displeasure about Fresno State being in the championship game.

That player is none other than San Diego State place kicker Donny Hageman, some have been deleted but not after taking screen shots.

That is innocent enough on wanting to make a goal of making it to the Mountain West title game, but then things go down hill quickly.

So, he throws quarterback Nick Bawden under the bus for this poor performance. Bawden was filling in for the injured Quinn Kaehler. Maybe Hageman needs to support his teammates better.

Then he just crushes Fresno State, a team that San Diego State did not beat.

Well, lets just look at the scoreboard with this following tweet.

Here are some free pro tips for Hageman, first he should not first throw his teammates under the bus and also not brag about being better than a team they lost to in the regular season.