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2014 Mountain West title game: Boise State's depth chart

The Boise State depth chart has little changes from the last time they played Fresno State.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Fresno State plays Boise State in the Mountain West title game in a rematch, and not much has changed in the Broncos depth chart compared when the two teams played each other back on Oct. 17. in fact nothing has changed, but for those who want a closer look at who is starting for the Broncos check out the depth chart below.

Pos No Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5
WR-X 82 Sperbeck, Thomas SO/1 14 Ware, Troy RS JR/2

WR-Z 81 Burroughs, Dallas SR/3 6 Anderson, Chaz RS SO/1

WR-H 11 Williams-Rhodes, Shane JR/2 13 McNichols, Jeremy FR

LT 71 Odhiambo, Rees RS JR/2 75 McCullough, Eli RS FR

LG 73 Averill, Travis RS SO/1 60 Buhr, Kellen RS SO 52 Tercek, Andrew RS FR

C 72 Henry, Marcus RS JR/2 59 Hampton, Mason RS FR

RG 66 Yakoo, Mario RS SO/1 74 Lewis, Archie RS FR

RT 70 Baggett, Steven RS SO/1 76 Ertel, Jerhen RS JR/TR

TE 88 Roh, Jake RS FR 87 Dhaenens, Alec RS FR 85 Huff, Holden RS JR/2 84 Hardee, Jake RS JR/2
QB 9 Hedrick, Grant RS SR/3 15 Finley, Ryan RS FR

RB 27 Ajayi, Jay RS JR/2 26 Demas, Devan RS SO/1 21 Fields, Jack JR/2

DE 53 Martin, Beau RS SR/2 33 Perez, Gabe SO/1 32 McNair, Rondell RS JR/TR

DT 94 McCaskill, Sam RS SO/1 96 Hoyte, Elliot RS SO

NT 40 Nance, Armand JR/2 98 Turner, Antoine RS JR/TR 58 Ash, Robert RS JR/1

STUD 8 Correa, Kamalei SO/1 33 Perez, Gabe SO/1

MLB 20 Vallejo, Tanner SO/1 13 Renaud, Blake SR/3

WLB 51 Weaver, Ben RS SO/1 36 Gray, Tyler JR/2

NB 38 Bell, Corey SR/3 37 Hartsfield, Cameron RS FR

CB 30 Moxey, Jonathan SO/1 3 Page, Cleshawn SR/1

FS 10 Ioane, Jeremy RS SR/3 28 Lukehart, Dillon RS JR/2

SS 4 Thompson, Darian RS JR/2 29 Sumner-Gardner, Dylan FR

CB 5 Deayon, Donte JR/2 1 Douglas, Bryan RS SR/3

Special Teams
P 19 Wale, Sean RS SO/1

PK 41 Goodale, Dan RS SR/3 49 Rausa, Tyler RS SO

LS 46 Keane, Kevin JR/2 42 Cota, Matt RS FR

H 19 Wale, Sean RS SO/1 9 Hedrick, Grant RS SR/3

PR 11 Williams-Rhodes, Shane JR/2 5 Deayon, Donte JR/2

KR 1 Douglas, Bryan RS SR/3 35 Bertoli, Charles RS SO/1

KO 41 Goodale, Dan RS SR/3