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Air Force Has Big List of Baseball Recruits

Few on this list will make the team as the Falcons are a pretty young team and didn't lose a lot. Most of these kids don't have a prayer but hope springs eternal. There is some talent here but D1 is a tough next step. Oh, that doesn't even compare to what they have to do in class and in the dorms. I think maturity of the returning players might be the best thing to happen to the Falcons. Read on.

Tyler Jones - one of the best in the west as a freshman in 2013
Tyler Jones - one of the best in the west as a freshman in 2013
Mike Kaplan

Air Force Has Huge List of Baseball Recruits

Why didn't I write this up earlier as I have the others? The military academies are a special breed when it comes to recruiting athletes and I think we all know that. Air Force, and I suspect the others, don't announce the recruits until they have made it through basic training. In other words, they aren't announced a year in advance like most schools do. A few are but still have to make the cut in other areas before the first practice in the fall. Let's take a look at what may lead our nation as well play (I do mean play) baseball.

Ben Hawkins, C/OF, Liberty Christian School, Argyle, TX
He was considered a 2014 Top Prospect by Rawlings. Between this list and one by Perfectgame that evaluated throwing velocities, he has a good arm behind the plate.

Hunter Parnell, OF, Legacy HS, Broomfield, CO
Hunter hit .346 with a home run his senior year. That's all I found.

Tucker Jacobs, C/RHP, South Central HS, Winterville, NC
He hit .349 over his career at high school and had a good senior season as a pitcher. Tucker was 6-0 and 1.36 in 51 IP mostly as a starter. He had 49 strike outs. One thing I noticed is that he had six starts and had four complete games. He mostly finishes what he starts. In fact, one game was a 10 inning complete game. The guy has stamina.

Tyler Zabojnik, INF, Coppell HS, Coppell, TX
I don't know what the story is with this young man as says he graduated in 2013. He had a very short season in 2013 so I suspect he may have been injured. Prior to last season he was putting up some pretty good numbers.

Shaun Mize, INF, Woodcreek HS, Roseville, CA
Here's another kid with a question mark after his name. He originally signed with Nevada but I don't know if he ever played an inning. I'll take that back; he played some for the Wolf Pack. In fact, he started some games at short. Man, I just don't know the rules.

Anthony Brzezinski, INF, Coconino HS, Flagstaff, AZ
Anthony is yet another who started elsewhere before ending up at USAFA. He was originally recruited by Harvard so he's D1 calibre. Again, here he is.

Danny Collins, OF, Germantown HS, Memphis, TN
He was on a 2014 watch list for Tennessee. That's pretty good and that's all I found.

Lance Fry, RHP, Home Schooled, Jupiter, FL
Lance was 3-3 and 1.47 in 43 IP last season. He struck out 51 in those innings and gave up less than a hit an inning. That's a stat I like as long as the pitcher doesn't give up freebies. Lance didn't.

Travis Wilkie, C, La Jolla Country Day School, San Diego, CA
No luck with Travis.

Ryan Holloway, LHP, Lake Mary HS, Lake Mary, FL
I'm hoping these are incomplete stats as I found that he pitched only 12 innings.

Nick Biancalana, RHP, Roosevelt HS, Des Moines, IA
Found little.

Bryan Meek, RHP, Niwot HS, Longmont, CO
As a pitcher Bryan was 7-1 and 3.72 in 2014. He can also hit but was recruited as a pitcher. In 58 IP he struck out 72 which ain't bad atall. Good enough to warrant a place on the Colorado 4A first team All-State team.

Ryan Robb, INF, Cherry Creek HS, Denver, CO
Ryan hit a good .423 and 3 home runs his senior year. That's pretty good for a kid 5'10" and 155 pounds.

Justin Graham, OF, Tumwater HS, Tumwater, WA
Didn't find a lot but he made all state in 2013. He looks like an all-around athlete as he captained the three major sports at his high school. Good officer material, I'd say.

Michael Rieker, RHP, Olympia HS, St. Louis, MO
I could find little of any help.

Zac Drury, OF, Pueblo West HS, Pueblo, CO
Zac hit an astounding .531 in 18 games which is about right for Colorado with winter and all. He hit .462 in a three year career. He was pretty good all three years, I guess, as he made honorable mention All-State as a soph. Just keeps on tickin'.

Brennan Bosworth, RHP, Monarch HS, Coconut, FL
He made honorable mention all area in 2014.

Jacob Booker, INF, Rodriguez HS, Fairfield, CA
Jacob was nominated a pre-season AA for the 2013 Under Armour team. It's a huge list but still quite an honor. I found little about 2014.

Sam Lohnes, RHP, Westview HS, San Diego, CA
An oddity that I came across; in 1965 Ken Lohnes was drafted by the Milwaukee Braves (remember them?). He lived in Lakewood, CA. I wonder if he was related. And that's all I found.

Joe Kincart, RHP, Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Carmel, NY
Sorry, nothing here.

A lot of recruits and invitees on this list. Coach just seemed to grab a bunch and see who doesn't make it through the sieve. I suspect most of these kids will not make the cut. Ben Hawkins, Tyler Zabojnik, Shaun Mize, and Anthony Brzezinski (when I was in the Army we called guys like this Alphabet) look to be the best of this lot. Keep an eye on Zac Drury.

This ends the recruiting write ups. I will now work on my take on the schedules as announced. Some of the programs I cover haven't announced their schedule yet so don't get all tightened up if you don't see your school graded. You remember, thumbs up or thumbs down.