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What we can learn from Rashad Vaughn's shot chart

Rashad Vaughn has given us six games to get used to his tendencies.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Through six games Rashad Vaughn has been the top option for UNLV on the offensive end of the floor. With a team-high 74 field goal attempts, some of Vaughn’s tendencies have come to light.

RV SHot chart

Based on that shot chart, it is clear Vaughn favors two spots on the floor – the right wing for threes and the left block for drives. He hasn’t shot extremely well from that wing, but he has been getting open looks, especially against zone defenses.

The more interesting cluster is the left block. Vaughn almost always drives to that block. He’s right handed, but he loves to drive with his left. That’s not a great percentage through six games, but Vaughn has missed shots around the rim that he should be making.

Whether he knows it or not, Vaughn is doing a tremendous job taking efficient shots. He has not taken many long two-point jumpers. Efficiency comes from having clusters of shots near the basket or from three, which is exactly what Vaughn has been doing this season.

Cody Doolin has mentioned that the offensive goal in transition is to get a shot at the rim or from three. Vaughn has done well to get to the rim, or hit big threes on the fast break.

Once UNLV plays taller teams, Vaughn may not be able to get to the rim as easily, which could result in more two-point jumpers. Per, so far this season UNLV has only played one team that is in the top 50 in blocking opponents’ shots at the rim – Morehead State.

Just from the shot chart you can tell Vaughn doesn’t spend much time in the corners. He is typically on the wing or the top of the key looking to create.

One other aspect that Vaughn has excelled is off-ball cutting. He’s made numerous backdoor cuts to get into the lane, but hasn’t always finished off the chances.

The only way to characterize Vaughn’s shots as bad, have been the contested, out of rhythm threes he takes. He hits them occasionally, but so far that’s the only thing he’s done consistently that constitutes inefficient looks.

UNLV is headed to Arizona State today, and the Runnin’ Rebels will need Vaughn to continue taking good shots. Get all you info you need about the matchup here.