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Dave Baldwin named Offensive Coordinator at Oregon State

The offensive coordinator leaving marks the end of the Jim McElwain era at Colorado State.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend it was announced that former Colorado State offensive coordinator Dave Baldwin will join Gary Andersen's new staff at Oregon State.

He served under Andersen as offensive coordinator at Utah State from 2009-2011. Baldwin who was apart of Jim McElwain's staff the three years he was head coach at Colorado State, was a candidate to replace McElwain after he left for Florida. Baldwin was notified that he wouldn't get the job and the entire staff was given their termination papers shortly after.

The departure of Baldwin to me marks the end of the McElwain era. The offense was explosive under him and McElwain. I was honestly in favor of him staying if a defensive minded coach was hired. However with the hire of Mike Bobo the former offensive coordinator at Georgia,

it was a foregone conclusion that he would prefer bringing in his own coordinator. Baldwin will lead an offensive at Oregon State that will be explosive and fast. The Rams will be just fine under Bobo along with new offensive coordinator Will Friend.