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Washington State vs. San Jose State final score: Cougars embarrass Spartans, 82-53

San Jose State was no match for Washington State.

Gary A.Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington State Cougars derailed the San Jose State Spartans Sunday, 82-53, and it was very painful for everyone wearing gold and blue.  The most fascinating statistic of the game is the number of players who saw the floor for each team.

The Spartans played just seven players, and that contributed to the loss. The Cougars played an impressive 12, even though most were in for "mop up" duty.

San Jose State brought in tight end Andrew Vollert coming off the bench for the Spartans, making the only three-pointer he took and ending the game with five points. The Spartans actually had two players in double figures, forward Brandon Mitchell and guard Darryl Gaynor II with 12 and 24 points.

However in total, San Jose State wound up with just five players who scored, which doesn't add up well against Washington State’s nine players who scored.  Against a mediocre at best now 5-6 Washington State Cougar team, the season is officially over for the Spartans

This team is incomparable to any team in any other league, not even the Oakland Raiders.  Every time these guys step onto the court it’s an embarrassment waiting to happen.  I would go on record and say the the Spartans won’t win one Mountain West game this year. San Jose shot 33 percent from the field tonight, and the teams average for the year ranks 302nd nationally at .395 percent.

The Cougars beat the Spartans in every offensive and defensive category tonight, making this loss hurt just a little more if possible.  When the Spartans return home on the third of January in a fresh year, they better be careful.  Wyoming fans might fill the Event Center while Spartan fans are looking for new teams to root for as their New Years Resolution.