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Colorado State's Head Coach Search

It has been almost two weeks since former Colorado State head coach Jim McElwain left the Rams for the head coaching job at Florida. The coaching carousel around the country is in full swing and Colorado State has yet to find a coach to take control of the up and coming football program.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado State Rams football team still has no new head coach since Jim McElwain's departure on December 4th. With a 22-16 record with the Rams in three season, the Florida Gators came calling to McElwain to take over their football program after firing Will Muschamp who failed to make an impact in four seasons in Gainesville. As of Monday, December 15th, a school spokesman announced that Colorado State is "working hard to have an announcement very soon" as to who will be taking over as head coach.

So who will the Rams announce as their next head coach? Unfortunately for players, coaches and fans, that is still unknown. The school won't announce how many people they have interviewed or who they have interviewed. Offensive coordinator and interim head coach Dave Baldwin and co-defensive coordinator Marty English have both identified themselves as candidates, yet neither Baldwin or English would say whether or not they have been interviewed for the job. When asked after Monday's practice, Baldwin responded by saying, "I think my record speaks for itself," referring to his success as an offensive coordinator at multiple different schools.

Colorado State president Tony Frank is the lead man conducting the search, with the help of interim athletic director John Morris. Frank has also hired a search firm, DHR International, to help with the search. The school is paying DHR $70,000 to help conduct the search. The school is also using DHR in their search to find a new athletic director. The university is "excited about the level of interest in this job, because it puts us in a great position to find our next coach," according to Colorado State spokesman Mike Hooker.

This news make one thing clear, that Colorado State is committed to finding the best person possible to take over the football program, and that the best candidate might not currently be at Colorado State. The only thing that is not clear is who the candidates for the job are.

Meanwhile, the Rams have a bowl game to prepare for against the Pac-12's Utah Utes on Saturday, December 20th in Las Vegas. The Rams leave Tuesday night for Las Vegas. While it is unknown when the decision will be announced, my guess is that Frank and the university will wait until after Saturday's game to make the announcement as to who will be the new head coach at Colorado State.