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San Jose State Basketball: Four players suspended, football players asked to play

San Jose State suspended four starters due to undisclosed violation of team rules.

Gary A.Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when I said it could get better for San Jose State? Well, it didn't, it just got a lot worse. In high school, it's great to play multiple sports, not so much in this situation. The Spartans had to suspend four of their five starters for undisclosed reasons, including leading scorer Rashad Muhammad along with Jordan Baker, Frank Rogers, Jaleel Williams and Matt Pollard.

Naturally, on would come the bench players after most schools would suspend a player. Four players and you look up to the sky and scream "Why me!" Or you take a walk to the football facility and ask for some players, to play basketball, a week after the season ended. Luckily for head coach Dave Wojcik, the Spartans will not be attending a bowl game so these players were available.

They dressed eight players, so if you're keeping score at home that means six players on that team were brought to San Jose State to play basketball, two were brought because of their play with the pigskin.

Freshman tight end Andrew Vollert and sophomore wide receiver Tyler Winston were called to battle where the Spartans didn't put up much of a fight against the Seattle Redhawks, losing 54-38. Without beating a Division I team this year, the Ferguson police have a better approval rating than this team at the moment.

What's next, baseball players? Soccer players? I guess we'll find out sooner or later. It's mid December and San Jose State football and basketball have won a combined five games this year. With some suspended players possibly coming back December 27th against Washington State, not even Santa can help this team.