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Matt Wells is not longer in consideration for Tulsa job

Matt Wells will not be the next head coach at Tulsa.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Utah State head coach Matt Wells' name was in connection with the head coaching vacancy at Tulsa. Per the Tulsa World, Wells is no longer in consideration for the job, despite at one point being a serious candidate.

The reasons were not entirely clear as to why Wells is no longer a candidate for the job, but it is likely that he is happy at Utah State, because he said so much last week when asked about the coaching carousel.

"If the phone rings, I answer it," Wells said. "That's going to happen. I got told a long time ago that in this business as this time of year, calls are either coming in and you're saying ‘no thanks,' or you're listening to see if it's a better situation, or you're walking into a restaurant or a basketball game and people are talking about you behind your back. If that second thing is happening, it means you're not winning and they want you out of there. I'll absolutely take that first option.

"I never said I wouldn't ever listen. People know me to be straight-up and honest. I'm going to listen and if it's better for me and my family, then the process may continue. I'm very, very happy at Utah State. It will take something very, very special for me to leave here if that ever comes to be. I've turned down jobs since I walked onto this campus in 2011. I'm very happy here."

As long as Wells keeps winning games at Utah State, his name will be connected to other jobs. With Wells' former boss Gary Andersen leaving Wisconsin to take over the Oregon State job, there are more dominos that are falling and could lead to other job openings that involve Wells.