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Fresno State will have edge over any 7-5 Mountain West team for a bowl game

Even if Fresno State loses the Mountain West title game, they will not only go to a bowl game but will but be ahead of any 7-5 Mountain West teams.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Fresno State Bulldogs are 6-6 heading into the Mountain West title game and a very important statement was made during the teleconference which featured commissioner Craig Thompson for the last third, and after the coaches. Thompson discussed bowl scenarios in which the Mountain West has seven bowl eligible teams for the second straight year.

Fresno State is automatically in a bowl game for win the West Division and even if they go 6-7 the Bulldogs will be going bowling, and that is despite the Mountain West having just six bowl tie-in. There was a waiver used a few years ago for UCLA and Georgia Tech who had losing records after going to its respective conference title games, and that allowed those two to go bowling.

Thompson mentioned that Fresno State is not only bowl eligible but at 6-7 they will also be placed ahead of any 7-5 Mountain West team. That means that Fresno State will be ahead of San Diego State and Nevada who will have better records. There could be a beef from both the Aztecs and Wolf Pack, however both of those teams fell to Fresno State in the regular season.

Not only will Fresno State go bowling with a possible losing record, but they also will be moved up the bowl pecking order over those 7-5 teams.

The Mountain West does have a good chance to get all seven bowl eligible teams in a bowl game because a Boise State win likely puts them in a New Year's bowl game and also the Cactus Bowl is a backup spot for the Mountain West. There should not be a repeat of last season when a 6-6 San Jose State team stays home during bowl season.