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Craig Bohl is being mentioned as a Nebraska coaching candidate

Wyoming head coach Craig Bohl is being mentioned as a possibility to be the next head coach at Nebraska.

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Wyoming Cowboys head coach Craig Bohl is already doing a solid job in his first-year as its head coach, and his 4-8 record just might be good enough to land him a job in the Big Ten with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. His start at Wyoming, and even Bohl's massive success at North Dakota State, is not the only reason as to why he is being linked to replace Bo Pelini.

Bohl was an assistant coach at Nebraska from 1995 - 2002 and his final three year's he was the Cornhuskers defensive coordinator, and he also went to school at Nebraska. His ties to the Midwest run deep with his time not only at Nebraska but also winning three-straight FCS titles at North Dakota State, and a two-year stint coaching the linebackers at Wisconsin in 1987-88.

While Bohl is being considered for the job, there is a hard time believing he will get the job since Peline was fired despite finishing with a 9-3 record and ranked in the top 25, and the reason a new coach is sought is due to Nebraska not being able to win big time games. All of Nebraska's losses were to teams ranked in the top 25. Bohl has had success but if Nebraska fired a coach as successful as Pelini there has to be a real big name in mind to be the next coach.

SB Nation's Nebraska site, Corn Nation, put together a list and commentary on the mentioned coaches, and here is what the group said about Bohl:

Brian: He would be an intriguing hire, he wanted to leave North Dakota State last year and would have gone to Minnesota if Jerry Kill had to leave. He's also only making a touch over a million, and I can't see it costing a lot to buy him out.

Mike: Isn't it ironic that some people are calling for Bohl to return, when it was Bohl's defense that ended Nebraska's great run in 2001? Yes, he's reinvented himself at North Dakota State, but he still has to prove himself at the 1-A level.

Ranchbabe: NDSU was a great story and he certainly had nothing left to prove at that level of football. I am curious about recruiting. At NDSU, and even at Wyoming, he has to find the overlooked kids and develop them. While we like those stories in Nebraska, we expect to be reeling in high star talent for the bulk of the class. I'd like to see how he performs at Wyoming because that could be a decent bridge job between FCS and Power 5.

They also toss out a few other familiar names like Colorado State's Jim McElwain and Fresno State's Tiim DeRuyter, but those seem like long shots:

Tim DeRuyter, HC, Fresno State

Brian: DeRuyter has done well at Fresno, even though this year's record doesn't show. If he wins Saturday vs. Hawaii, they win the MWC West. Granted, he's not shown that he's built through recruiting, but he did take Texas A&M in the 1 season he was there under Mike Sherman from 104th to 21st in scoring D. He also worked with Charlton Warren at Air Force in the Defensive backfield.

Jim McElwain, HC, Colorado State

Brian: You could make the argument that this is the most up and coming guy, over Fuente even. He's gotten better in Fort Collins as the years have gone by, and has done it with a roster that is lesser than Nebraska. They score a lot of points, but they tend to also give up a lot of yards and points.

Mike: This is only his third season as a head coach. The Rams are having a dream season this year, but I'd really want to see a longer resume. Last season, he went 8-6 FWIW.

Ranchbabe: If we hire him, does that officially make Colorado State our coaching farm system?