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Mountain West Football Grades Out From Previous Week

Folks, I have a new one for you. Creeper 86 does a good job of evaluating the Spartans so I've posted his stuff here. SierraSpartan grades all of the MWC and does it in a way that should make you smile, at the very least. At the most, don't be drinking any beer while reading this as you can't laugh and swallow at the same time. This is good stuff.

Tyler Ervin continues as Spartans bright spot
Tyler Ervin continues as Spartans bright spot
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy, all. Sorry about the delay and the shortness of the recap, but the Work Gods have decided to pile upon the Gradebook a rather large quantity of Super High Intensity Training, and we're currently having some difficulties getting the Boss In General of Super High Intensity Training to understand that the Super High Intensity Training is a big-ass waste of time.

Gripes over, it's probably just as well that I didn't post in the heat of post-FAIL grumpiness.

On to the grades for the week...

USAFA 23 at Army 6 - USAFA Grade B+.  Give the Zoomies their CINC trophy, even if it was for beating up on lowly Army.

Loobs 31 at UNLV 28 - UNM Grade C+, UNLV grade C-.  Yes, pretty low grades, but these are pretty low teams. Overall it was a pretty entertaining affair, but you're not gonna get a "B" grade for beating a 2-6 team, even on the road. Unless you lay the wood to them, of course...

Wyoming 45 at Fresneck 17 - Wyoming Grade A, Fresneck Grade F.  Consider the wood laid. The Pokes came off of their disappointment at losing the boot and promptly put the boot squarely on the Doggies' hind quarters. 24-7 Wyo in the fourth quarter alone. Yeeowch.

CSEwe 38 at SJSU 31 - CSEwe Grade B, SJSU Grade D+.  Well, I'll give Sparty one thing - they are finding new and interesting ways to lose. In a game where, once again, the Spartans marched the ball up and down the field, critical mistakes at critical junctures turned scoring opportunities into major failures and allowed an ostensibly inferior team to stay in the game. Just think what would have happened in this game if Garrett Grayson had two fully functioning legs. Regrettably for the Spartans, the Sheep were not nearly as accommodating as Wyoming was the week prior.

SUDS 14 at UNR 30 - SUDS grade D, UNR Grade B+.  That sound you just heard was UNR's western division championship hopes opening right the hell back up with both SUDS and SJSU losing. The MWC West is now officially craptastic, and will remain so for the rest of the season.

Utags 35 at Hawaii 14 - Utags Grade B, Hawaii Grade C.  As far as I can tell, no Utah State quarterbacks were harmed in the filming of this football game.

Stud of the Week:  Congrats to the Pokes of Wyoming for coming out of their post-boot funk and laying waste to Fresneck's post-season hopes.

Dud of the Week:  Fresno State, get your butt back to the vet's office, because you get another week of the Cone of Shame. Letting a 3-5 team boatrace you on your home field like that is just poor.

Coming up Next Week:  It's hate week in Fresno, and either Sparty or Fresno is going to have their bowl chances declared officially D-E-D dead. Hawaii goes to Fort Collins and may actually face a healthy quarterback. Boise goes to ABQ, and Foobaw Bawb goes to hell. USAFA goes to UNLV with a strong chance of picking up win #7 (!). Utah State and Wyoming get high together. Oh, and SUDS gets a visit from Idaho.  Way to schedule strong there, Spazztecs.

Until next time...