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Mountain West football standings: West division finally has clarity

It took only five conference games to figure out a pecking order within the conference.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Chaos did not rule supreme last week in the Mountain West and we do not have five teams in the West division with two league losses a piece. There are three teams who have lost twice in Nevada, San Jose State and San Diego State; but it is the Wolf Pack who are in the drivers seat to win the West division.

Their schedule plays out nicely with games against Air Force, Fresno State and UNLV. If Nevada slips up then the West is back in chaos mode. The Falcons are the biggest threat and that is a road game for Nevada this week.

In the Mountain division there are three teams with a single loss in Boise State, Colorado State and Utah State. That order is also the order of the standings and the Broncos win the division if they win out. There is a key game at the end of the season that could determine who goes to the title game, and that is Boise State hosting Utah State. The Aggies need a Colorado State loss to win the Mountain, but if they beat Boise State then that opens the door for the Rams to host the Mountain West title game.

Mountain West Standings

Nevada 3-2 6-3
San Diego State 3-2 4-4
San Jose State 2-2 3-5
Fresno State 2-3 3-6
Hawaii 1-3 2-7
UNLV 1-4 2-7
Colorado State 4-1 8-1
Boise State 3-1 6-2
Utah State 3-1 6-3
Air Force 2-2 6-2
Wyoming 2-3 4-5
New Mexico 1-3 3-5