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UNLV coaching search: Bishop Gorman's Tony Sanchez is focused on his current job

Bishop Gorman head coach Tony Sanchez is only concentrating on the job he has which is coaching his high school team in the playoffs.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Bishop Gorman High School is in the midst of its playoff run to the Nevada state championships, it is considered the best team in the country and has plenty of FBS coaches wanting multiple players on its team. However, the big name right now is head coach Tony Sanchez who is linked to the vacant head coaching job at UNLV.

The Gales are fresh off a big 50-0 win in the Nevada state semifinal game on Saturday afternoon, and after the victory the questions came about his interest in replacing Bobby Hauck at UNLV. The six-year head coach naturally downplayed the job opening and commented on how he is 100 percent focused on playing in the state title game.

"I have a great job right now at Bishop Gorman," Sanchez told the Las Vegas Sun after the game. "I am just trying to finish the season with these kids. It's hard to even answer questions about that."

Sanchez is said to be a coach with impeccable planning and that any talk about him even being a candidate, let along taking the UNLV job, will not have him lose focus on preparing for the state title.

However, Sanchez kept mentioning finishing something he started and at Bishop Gorman there is not much left to accomplish. He has won five straight state titles, has yet to lose to a team in the state of Nevada since his arrival and if Sanchez beats Reed for the state title that will give him six consecutive state titles and the mythical national title.

You just want to finish," he said. "That is what life is about: finishing."

Maybe beating Reed and being considered the best high school team in the country is what Sanchez is referring to when he says he wants to finish, because what else is there to accomplish for him at the high school level.