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UNLV football: Bobby Hauck resigns as head coach

A day before the rivalry game against Nevada, UNLV head coach Bobby Hauck will resign on Monday.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

UNLV head coach Bobby Hauck announced on Friday that he is stepping down as the head coach on Monday. This is somewhat of a shock since Hauck just last year received a contract extension and a raise after leading UNLV to its first bowl game since 2000, but that extension was not without controversy from the Nevada board of regents.

"Bobby Hauck submitted his resignation, effective Monday, and I have accepted it," UNLV Director of Athletics Tina Kunzer-Murphy said in a statement. "No one has worked harder in trying to achieve consistent success with our football program than Coach Hauck and we thank him for his dedication and leadership. He and his staff have worked tirelessly in trying to achieve the results we all want to see but it unfortunately has not happened. We wish Bobby and his family the very best in their future endeavors."

To say the least, Hauck has struggled at UNLV as he won two games every single year with the exception of the bowl game last year and this year the Rebels are sitting at two wins before the rival game against Nevada; a game which Hauck will coach.

"We were given an opportunity to get it done here at UNLV and we simply did not win enough games," Hauck said Friday night. "It's my responsibility to push the program forward and I wish we would have produced better results.

"I would like to thank our University leadership for their support of our program; in particular, President Don Snyder, Athletics Director Tina Kunzer-Murphy and Board of Regents Chair Kevin Page. In addition, I would like to thank our student body, alumni and community leaders for their support of Rebel Football."

It also is no shock that this announcement came before the rivalry game against Nevada where a second straight win over the Wolf Pack would incline fans to keep Hauck around for another season. That tactic is quite common amongst coaches on the seat.

Hauck came from the FCS ranks where he was one of the best coaches at the level in the country where he went 80-17 and reached was a three-time national runner-up.

Hauck will receive a one-time payment of $400,000, according to the the university's statement and the school is getting a relatively good deal since UNLV is struggling monetary.