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San Diego State basketball: Did Trey Kell get away with a foul at end of OT?

A questionable non-call might have changed the outcome of this game between San Diego State and BYU.

The San Diego State Aztecs escaped in double overtime against the BYU Cougars, 92-87, but should the game have gone to a second overtime frame. At the end of the first overtime the game was tied and BYU had the ball with one last shot and the end result was Kyle Collinsworth missing a layup.

However, in the corner the Aztecs Trey Kell was all over the Cougars Tyler Haws. Kell was guarding Haws very tight and did everything he could to make sure that Haws would not be able to get the ball to even attempt a game-winning shot.

Everyone knows -- right or wrong -- that the refs are hesitant to make a call that will decide the game, and that is what happened. Here is Kell all over Haws in the final seconds, so did the refs make the right call?

After watching the play a few times it is first clear there is contact and Kell was being overly aggressive, especially with that forearm, but at the end of the play Haws seems to overreact just enough to make it look like he was baiting the refs for a call. There was an official right over the area where the contact took place, and you see him just point to the ground as to indicate no foul

Kell's elbow does go a bit high to the neck and one can see that there could be a foul called, plus again the ref is staring right at both players.

Then there is Haws tossing up his left arm in a flailing motion which looks like he is giving up and flopping on the play.

There are two sides to this and it seems that the ref on the baseline was focusing in on the players tussle the entire final seconds. Had this been in regulation it seems that a foul likely would have called, and in basketball that is really a shame, despite the entire arena and home audience knows that is the case.

Both announcers were not a fan and naturally neither was SB Nation's BYU site, Vanquish the Foe:

Again after watching this play so many times it seems that not blowing the whistle was the right call. Kell was leaning into Haws but there was no shove or push and Haws didn't really flop but he didn't try all that hard to hold his ground against Kell.

However, had this been a play with six minutes left in the first half a foul likely would have been called, but whether one likes it or not the refs hold back their whistle and won't call anything in the final seconds unless it is an egregious foul.