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Mountain West standings: Divisions to be decided on final weekend of play

The scenarios have greatly decreased for what team will win the Mountain or West divisions, but there are still three teams in each division alive.

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The final Mountain West week of football is here and there are still three teams each division who can win their respective division. The amount of scenarios is far much less than last week's, and easier to digest, and we will have those below.

The Mountain Division lost a team in the running with Air Force losing to San Diego State Friday night, but Utah State, Colorado State and Boise State are in the mix. The Broncos are in control as all they have to do to win, and host, the Mountain West title game is to beat the visiting Aggies. That will not be easy as Utah State's defense is one of the best in the Mountain West, and its offense is slowly finding its way with fourth-string, and true freshman, Kent Myers.

Utah State can win the division if they beat Boise State and they also need Air Force to beat Colorado State.

Colorado State can win the Mountain Division if they beat Air Force, but they need help from Utah State to beat Boise State, and if that happens then the Rams will win the Mountain Division. The Rams and Falcons play on Black Friday afternoon, so there will be a lot more clarity well before Utah State takes on Boise State.

Mountain Division scenarios

Mountian division

The West division has not been good this year and the best record that a team can have and make it to the title game is a 7-5 San Diego State team, but there are also options for a 5-8 Hawaii and a 5-7 Fresno State team to be in the title game.

Fresno State is the favorite to win the West as they have five ways to win the league, and as mentioned above that does include losing a game. In that scenario they need Nevada and San Jose State to win their games. The easy way is for Fresno State to win and they win the West division, everyone else needs help.

San Diego State can win the West with the help of Hawaii winning along with themselves winning their final game against San Jose State.

Hawaii has one way to make it to the title game. They need to win and also have UNLV and San Jose State win their games. If that happens then a 5-8 Warriors team is in the Mountain West title game, and that is truly amazing.

West Division scenarios