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Garrett Grayson is a 'legitimate contender' for the Heisman trophy

The Heisman trust sent a letter to Colorado State quarterback saying that he is in the running for the trophy that is given to the most outstanding college football player.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get this out of the way up front, there is no chance that Colorado State Rams quarterback Garrett Grayson will win the Heisman Trophy, and it is highly unlikely that he will even earn an invite to New York City. Having said that, it is a great honor that the Heisman Memorial Trust sent a letter to Grayson that said he is a "legitimate contender for The Heisman Memorial Trophy."

Grayson was honored to receive the letter and recognition, and it probably takes some sting off of not being named a semifinalist for the Davey O'Brien award.

Here is what he said about the letter:

"It is a huge honor to even be mentioned with that award. It is obviously the most prestigious award in college football, and all sports. I'm humbled and very happy, and I know it all comes back to being a part of a winning team. They don't give that award to players whose teams aren't winning, so I'm very grateful to be surrounded by the teammates that I have. It is just very humbling."

With Grayson receiving official recognition it allowed Colorado State to set up a page on its quarterback on the Heisman website. His numbers speak for himself on how well Grayson has played this year.

Colorado State Rams QB

Getting the letter and recognition from the Heisman trust is a big deal and an honor, but the only way that Grayson has even a shot at earning, at the very least, a trip to New York City to be a finalist for the Heisman trophy comes down to if Colorado State can make it to a New Year's Day bowl game.