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UNLV, BYU reschedule 2015 game to either 2016, 2017

UNLV and BYU were scheduled to play in 2015, but that game is getting bumped to a later date.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

UNLV and BYU are moving the second game of this home-and-home series to a later day. The two former Mountain West teams meet in Provo, Utah, this Saturday but also were scheduled to play in Las Vegas on Nov. 14, 2015, but due to the Cougars landing a two-game series with the SEC's Missouri Tigers, and on the same date something had to be done.

With that first game between BYU and Missouri on the same date as the UNLV matchup, there was an initial thought that the game could be canceled. However, the game will be moved to a later date and that is good because UNLV could use a home game against a solid opponent, plus one that will fill up Sam Boyd.

Keeping the game is good, but this puts UNLV in a bind to find another home game in about one year's time. However, since UNLV already has a tough non-conference schedule with a home game against UCLA and then going on the road to face Michigan and Northern Illinois, the Rebels can bring in a FCS team to fill that void which BYU left.

In both 2016 and 2017, UNLV needs another home non-conference game in either year so the Rebels can be flexible.