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PODCAST: Week 12 Mountain West football preview

Jeremy is going solo this week and he previews the upcoming week of Mountain West football.

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This is a little bit of a different show this week as it is just Jeremy recording the Week 12 preview. There are five games this week and it is about time scheduling works, for the most part, in the fans favor this week. There are two big games this week and they are at the opposite ends of the day. Nevada goes to Air Force for a 4 p.m. ET kick off and then San Diego State travels to Boise State for a 10:15 p.m. ET kickoff.

Not to say the games in the middle of the day are not good games, but there have been a few too many times that key games have been overlapping or just gone head-to-head against each other.

Chris gets his voice heard with who he picks this week and Jeremy continues with the tradition of not trusting UNLV to cover any game, despite this BYU spread being very tempting to take.

All five games get looked at as does a glance at the recent College Football Playoff committee poll.

Also, to make everything 100 percent clear we are biased against your team.

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College Football Playoff/G5: 2:55

Nevada vs. Air Force: 12:02

New Mexico vs. Utah State: 19:15

San Jose State vs. Hawaii: 25:15

UNLV vs. BYU: 29:44

San Diego State vs. Boise State: 38:03