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Boise State fans are left in a jam on Nov. 22

Boise State fans have to choose between watching the football team taking on Wyoming or watch the basketball team take on preseason No. 3 Wisconsin.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State fans are stuck in a bind when comes to Saturday Nov. 22 at around 10 p.m. ET time. The football team is hoping to make a coveted New Year's Day bowl game as they go on the road to take on Wyoming, but the basketball team takes on preseason No. 3 ranked Wisconsin Badgers basketball team.

The football team is accustomed to these late night kick of times and the game against Wyoming kicks at 10:15 p.m. ET on ESPN2, but the basketball game tips a few minutes earlier at 10 p.m. ET on The Big Ten Network to take on the Badgers.

This scheduling setup does not make it easy for fans who want to watch games live over to interact on social media while watching the game.

The marquee matchup is watching to see if Boise State can redeem itself over last year's disastrous loss on the road to a highly ranked Kentucky team. In short, this basketball game is a can't miss. Yet, football is the most popular sport and have big implications on where the football team could go for the post season.

One can always watch the first 15 minutes of the basketball game and then switch to the football game and flip back and forth, and then watch the rest of the basketball game during halftime of the football game.

Use two screens since Big Ten Network and ESPN both have streaming apps and keep an eye on both games.

My choice would be to DVR both games but start watching the basketball game until the football game begins, finish watching the basketball game during halftime of the football game and then, if needed, blast through the DVR's commercials of the football game and finish that live.

A trying night for both football and basketball fans of Boise State, but a great night too.