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Garrett Grayson Gets The Davey O'Brien Award Snub

Despite another record breaking season, Colorado State senior Garrett Grayson was left off the semi finalists list for the Davey O'Brien Award for the nations best Quarterback.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I guess the saying isn't always true and that's "numbers never lie." If that saying is supposed to dictate who are the best quarterbacks in the country than Garrett Grayson should be a semi-finalist for the Davey O'Brien Award. He's in the top five in passing yards, touchdowns, passing efficiency, and yards per attempt. He's a top 20 quarterback in completions, and completion percentage. If you compare his to some of the quarterbacks who made the list then you would be shaking your heads also.

Examples: Brett Hundley UCLA who is number one in the country in completion percentage but ranks significantly lower than Grayson in multiple categories.

Rakeem Cato Marshall: This isn't even close he has only completed 60% or more of his completions three times this entire season, I guess playing on an undefeated team with a soft schedule helps that out.

There are many other examples but there is not enough room to be critical of them. Grayson has three games left to show the committee that they got it wrong.

Bottom line here is that the college football awards are nothing but a popularity contest, other than the Heisman Trophy. The reason that is the case is because the members of the selection committee are just a bunch of journalists with little to no football background. East coast and southeastern biases continue to be a huge problem for college football which gives players of certain schools more exposure for than the west coast. There should be more football based members on these panels to help get the right players for the recognition they deserve.