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Mountain West Connection Store Is Now Reopen For Business

Guess what? We're back open for business. The Mountain West Connection Store is reopen after a small hiatus with three new products.

Sometime in early 2013, we decided to come out with this shirt in every team's colors:

Old MWC shirt

Then at some point, Gameday Depot changed their storefront and those designs got lost in transition because I was stupid and didn't save the designs (the wording said "Because we're in the mountains, and also in the west).  It really sucked because whenever I wore that shirt around, people thought it was a cool thing (or at least were curious about it because they always asked).

That brings us to the reopening of the store: I wanted these designs to encompass the spirit of the blog as well as our stupid humor that keeps you, the reader coming back for more.  So let's INTRODUCE THE DESIGNS:

Kyle, our Wyoming writer who's also responsible for our weekly Memeable Moments came up with this gem.  Whether he was taking a shot at the fact we don't get paid at all for this or because living in the Mountain West allows us to live...primitively, Kyle's design pokes fun at our "poor quality."  Yes, that script is Times New Roman: Haters gonna hate!  Note: The women's shirt is not in purple, but rather a beautiful charcoal color.


The idea for this shirt was provided by you, the disgruntled readers of Mountain West Connection.  Just because we analyze and talk about the conference, doesn't mean we aren't biased: after all, the writers are die-hard fans as well.  That being said, you the reader can say it all without saying it all when you walk into another's stadium.  It has attitude, spunk and sarcasm: everything you want in a t-shirt without having to walk into a Hot Topic for it.


This shirt is my favorite design.  The "Quinterback Offense" was born from this tweet about a statistic from the Rio Grande Rivalry:

The actual term "Quinterback Offense," was actually coined by our own Matthew Kenerly. He describes the idea as so:

"Hawaii developed its groundbreaking quadra-quarterback system last year, right on the cutting edge of barely functional offensive attacks. Leave it to Footbaw Bawb, however, to think outside the box, in a triple-option offense, no less. Having five guys throw a pass in one game, the "Quinterback" offense as we know it was born."

We can only hope the name continues to stick and somehow we get to see this shirt in Albuquerque and other places where the Quinterback Offense has started (QB count: USU is at 4 [theoretically 5 if you count Ronald Butler], Hawaii's anywhere between 1 and 4 and Fresno's at a strong 3).

So what are you waiting for? Go start shopping Mountain West Connection Store today!